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Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions
Fabien specializes in thermal design and EMI/ESD total solutions.
Pre-project:Project Evaluation Simulation
      Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Analysis
      Device layout
Mid-project:risk control and component selection
      Vibration damping and sound absorption technology assistance
Post-project:response modification programme
      Testing and certification consulting assistance
The nature of heat:the phenomenon is essentially a manifestation of the irregular motion of a large number of molecules within an object (the current mainstream understanding in science)
Thermodynamics:Heat is the rate at which the electrons in the outer core operate, and the movement of electrons is closely related to heat (at high temperatures the rate of electrons in the outer core is high; at low temperatures the rate of electrons in the outer core is low).
design principle
design process
1.Analyze product characteristics to determine design requirements
2. Assessment of needs and feasibility of preliminary design pre-programme
3.Develop, test and optimize design solutions
4. Confirmation of the feasibility of the presentation of the results programme<
Heat dissipation content: control of heat transfer path, transfer efficiency, transfer cost
Relevant factors: temperature, cost, electromagnetic, reliability
Product Applications
Classic Case-Smart Wear
Classic cases-tablets, computers
Classic case-Smartphone
Classic case-VR virtual reality
Classic Cases-New Energy Vehicles

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