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TY 302Z - 100 Silicone Foams-2018


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TY 302Z - 100 Silicone Foams-2018

一、 Product description
TY 302Z-100 is a medium-stress silicone foam silicone material with excellent compression set resistance and permanent deformation. Compared with the traditional carbon foaming material, it has excellent resistance to high and low temperature (-60-200℃), high flame retardancy (V-0), and excellent performance in compression set. Smoke concentration at the base and other properties. In addition, the material has excellent ageing and weathering resistance and is ideal for vibration damping, cushioning, soundproofing, protection, insulation and fireproofing. The product is tested to fire rating EN45545-2 to HL3 (No.: HL3). The product has passed the EN45545-2 test for fire rating HL3 (No. AJFS1801000107FF_CN): AJFS1801000107FF_CN).
二、 Main characteristics
1. Excellent flame retardancy.
2. Excellent resistance to compression set and creep.
3. Excellent heat and cold resistance, with continuous operation from -60°C to 200°C.
4. good insulation, green environmental protection.
三、 Typical technical parameters
四、 Compressive stress curves
五、 Standard length-width and thickness tolerances of foamed silica gel
Complies with GB/T18944.1-2003 Polyester Porous Elastomeric Materials Dimensions in Sponge and Porous Rubber Products. Allowable tolerances.
六、Material specifications
Maximum width size is 900 mm.
The minimum thickness is 0.5 mm and the maximum thickness is 30 mm.
七、Color and Packaging
TY 302Z-100 silica gel foam is usually gray, packaged in cartons.
八、 Storage and validity
The product is non-dangerous and should be stored in a dry and cool place with the temperature below 27℃.
九、 Operation safety information
This product data sheet does not include product safety information on safe use. For safe use, before operating the product
Please read the product and safety instructions carefully and the instructions on the container packaging.

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