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The TYCE-G650-5 aerogel felt developed by Suzhou Tianyan New Material Technology Co. The nano silica aerogel and inorganic fiber material compounded into a flexible thermal insulation material. The aerogel is the solid material with the lowest known thermal conductivity, and its special structure makes the aerogel felt has low thermal conductivity, waterproof, and high thermal conductivity. Fireproof, green environmental protection and other superior performance.
一、Chemical name and company information
Chemical name: TYCE-G650-5 aerogel felt
Explanatory note number: M/TY-A001-2016
Company name :Suzhou Tian Yu New Material Technology Co.
Address: A5-5F, Auto Parts Industrial Park, No.1258, Jinfeng South Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China.
Effective date: February 01, 2016
二、Aerogel felt grade, performance and specifications
The specifications and indexes of TYCE-G650-5 aerogel felt currently produced by our company are shown in Table 1.
三、Performance characteristics of TYCE-G650-5 aerogel felt
1. unique three-dimensional nano network structure provides excellent thermal insulation performance, heat insulation effect of traditional materials 3-5 times.
2. The same level of insulation as conventional materials can be achieved at a very low thickness, with less heat loss and high space utilization.
3、Higher tensile and compressive strength.
4. Excellent overall hydrophobic properties, water repellency ≥99%.
5. does not contain harmful substances to human body.
四、Product quality guarantee provisions
4.1 Test conditions
Unless otherwise specified, test environmental conditions: temperature (23 ± 2) ℃, relative humidity (50 ± 5) %.
4. 2 Test items
See Table 1 for test items.
4.3 Test methods
See Table 1 for inspection methods.
五、Preparation for delivery
5.1 Packaging and marking
5.1.1 Protective packaging
Unless otherwise specified, the products in each box shall be properly packaged in soft, moisture-proof materials.
5.1.2 Cartoning
Unless otherwise specified, the package is packed in cartons.
5.1.3 Inspection reports
Each batch of products shall be accompanied by a product performance inspection report.
5.1.4 The packaging box shall be marked with.
(a) The lot number or name of the product.
(b) Specifications and quantities.
(c) Date of production.
d) The words "Carefully and gently put away, do not get wet".
5.2 Transport and storage
During transportation, it should be protected from moisture and avoid heavy pressure or impact. It should be stored in a dry, ventilated, clean and pollution-free indoor environment, and the number of stacking layers should not exceed five.
六.Description matters
Each box of product shall be accompanied by a certificate of conformity, which shall include.
(a) The name and address of the manufacturing plant.
(b) Product code or name.
(c) Specifications and quantities.
(d) Date of manufacture and batch number.
(e) the number of this Technical Agreement.
(f) Packing and dispatch requirements.
(g) Other.

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Add:A5-5, Auto Parts Industrial Park, No.1258 Jinfeng South Road, Wuzhong District, Suzhou





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