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Aerogel Insulation Film--Product Specifications


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Aerogel Insulation Film--Product Specifications

An Amazing New Nanoporous Insulation Material Adds Multiple Solutions to Thermal Management Design of Consumer Electronics
Aerogel nano insulation film is specially processed tomake aerogel film, solve the problem of heat balance in thenarrow space of consumer electronic products, protect theweak heat resistant elements from thermal insulation, controland change the direction of thermal conduction, and improvethe performance and service life of products.
roduct Characteristics 
Very low thermal transfer rate
Thin film
Non falling powder
Easy Die Cutting of Coil
Compound with graphite sheet and copper foil
Excellent insulation performance
Compliance with RoHS Directive
The aerogel insulation film starts from the consumer's perception of the surface temperature of the product. Usingaerogel pores to obstruct or change the direction of heat conduction, reduce the surface temperature of products, reduceor eliminate the influence of hot spot temperature on consumers' body sensation. Improve the comfort of consumerproduct experience.
Use alone or in combination with heat dissipating materials
Obtaining a variety of thermal Countermeasures

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