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Aerogel is a porous solid material with gas as the dispersion medium.
The porosity is as high as 80-99.8%, the typical size of the pores is 1-100 nm, and the specific surface area is 200-99.8%. The density of aerogel material can be as low as 3 kg/m3.
Excellent thermal insulation: Aerogel is the lowest known solid material in terms of thermal conductivity.
Insulation principle
SiO2 aerogel materials have low density and low thermal conductivity, which can effectively inhibit thermal conduction.
Its average pore size is 50 nm, which is lower than the average free range of air molecules and can effectively inhibit air heat transfer by convection.
In addition SiO2 aerogel "infinite" gap wall is equivalent to the reflection surface and refracting surface of radiation, and then with special reflective material can make thermal radiation to minimize.
In summary, SiO2 aerogel material can effectively inhibit heat conduction, thermal convection and thermal radiation of the three aspects of the joint effect, almost block the heat transfer of all the ways, is a kind of great application value of the thermal insulation material.
Process flow
A brief process of SiO2 aerogel preparation is shown in Figure 1, mainly consisting of the preparation of wet gels by sol-gel method, aging of wet gels and The gel is composed of 3 parts such as drying of the gel. The actual industrialized aerogel production process is shown in Figure 2 below.
Production equipment and insulation assessment system
Medium temperature resistant aerogel felt FRA-G600
High temperature resistant aerogel felt FRA-C1100
Customized Products
Test Reports and Fire Resistance Demonstrations
In the field of defence
The low density, high porosity and low thermal conductivity of SiO2 aerogels enable them to meet the demand for thermal insulation in this field, and they have long been widely used in defense applications.
Compared to traditional insulation materials, nanoporous aerogel super-insulation materials can achieve equivalent thermal insulation with a lighter mass and smaller volume. Effect. Widely used in supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, rocket thermal protection, Mars Exploration Vehicle, ship thermal protection and other products. The aerogel products produced by our company have been tested by authoritative institutions, with leading comprehensive performance in China, and have been successfully used in the thermal protection system of many products.
For a supersonic module thermal protection scheme, we have conducted thermal protection scheme design by simulation and test, and determined that aerogel + phase change material can meet the requirements of the back of the thermal insulation layer temperature not exceeding 80 ℃.
oil injection pipeline
Vapour injection pipelines play an important role in the extraction of thick oil; they are characterized by long transport distances and complex transport environments; how to keep the vapour injection pipelines warm and minimize the steam temperature drop between the vapour injection boiler and the vapour injection wellhead is a key issue in the work of "energy conservation and consumption reduction" in oilfields.
For a long time, the vapor injection pipeline widely used silicate felt as the main insulation materials, there are short life, loose structure, water absorption, resulting in serious corrosion of the pipe surface, heat loss and other problems.
Aerogel felt has the characteristics of high flexibility, low thermal conductivity, good hydrophobic properties and durability; it can be used in steam injection pipeline insulation can effectively reduce energy loss and prolong the service life.
Pipe OD 88.9mm, steam temperature 350°C, 1000m long, thickness of aerogel and conventional insulation used The comparative insulation effects are as follows.
Option 1: Aerogel mats as thermal insulation material, with aluminium foil to reduce thermal radiation in the inner layer and colour plates to protect the outer layer of insulation.
Option 2: Aerogel felt as the main insulation material, composite silicate felt auxiliary insulation, inner layer with aluminum foil to reduce thermal radiation, outer layer of insulation with color steel plate protection.
Option 3: Composite silicate mats as the main insulation material, with aluminium foil to reduce thermal radiation in the inner layer and colour plates to protect the outer layer of insulation.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Insulating material thickness(mm)


aerogel:6mm×2Compound silicate felt:50mm

Compound silicate felt:100mm

Total thickness of insulation layer(mm)




Material costs




Surface temperature(℃)




Line heat loss(W/m)




energy conservation rate



New energy battery field
Aerogel can be used in the insulation between battery modules and the insulation of the entire battery pack to reduce the probability of accidents caused by thermal runaway of the battery and increase the performance of the battery at low temperature.
Aerogel heat insulation material has multiple functions such as sound absorption, heat insulation, high thermal insulation efficiency, non-combustible, A1 level fire protection, can take up less space in the vehicle and safety, eliminating the fire hazards brought by traditional combustible polyurethane insulation layer.
Industrial equipment/kiln field, thermal/chemical piping field
Steam boilers, high-temperature melting furnaces, aluminum industry heating furnaces and other industrial furnaces mostly use aluminum silicate wool, rock wool, glass wool and other insulation materials. Most of these materials have thermal conductivity higher than 0.15W/(m-K) at 500℃, and the thermal insulation performance is poor. The use of aerogel insulation materials can reduce the thickness of the furnace wall without losing the insulation effect, and the appearance of the size of the case remains unchanged. Increasing the effective volume of the furnace, as well as optimizing the thermal insulation design of the furnace and reducing energy consumption.
The advantages of aerogel for thermal/chemical pipeline applications are.
Excellent thermal performance, the thickness of the insulation layer is only a fraction of the traditional materials, which can greatly reduce the amount of outer steel pipe, reduce heat loss and reduce the direct burial space of the pipeline.
Good flexibility, tensile and compressive strength, no settling and deformation in long-term use.
Class A non-combustible material, water repellent throughout.
Thinner insulation, greatly reducing transportation and installation construction costs. 
Long service life, lasting 20-30 years. Ester insulation poses a fire hazard.
Home appliances/digital sector, LNG sector
Aerogel insulation is suitable for ovens, grills, heaters, water heaters and other appliances that require thermal insulation, which can significantly reduce the thickness of the insulation layer, reduce energy consumption and ensure the safety of the operating environment while achieving the thermal insulation effect.
With the development of offshore transportation and offshore oil fields, the accompanying offshore drilling platforms, oil carriers, liquefied natural gas (LNG) Ships, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) ships and other rapid development. These special ships for thermal insulation and fire separation put forward higher requirements, but also become a new platform for the application of aerogel materials.
Henan a power plant steam pipe network renovation ——Application of aerogel felt to reduce the temperature drop per kilometer, extend the service life of the insulation layer
case studies:
Company name: Henan a power plant           
Location: Gongyi City, Henan Province         
Construction equipment/pipe: φ426mm, 300℃ steam pipe
Insulation program: the original main body insulation material for 150mm thick aluminum silicate cotton; Panray aerogel insulation program using three layers of 10mm aerogel felt as the main body insulation material.
Construction photos.
Conclusion: after using aerogel composite insulation scheme, the overall energy saving of the pipeline is about 20%, and the overall structure is strong, uniform and beautiful.

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