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TYGS series synthetic graphite film specifications


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TYGS series synthetic graphite film specifications



1, high thermal conductivity - 1250 ~ 1800W/mK thermal conductivity in the plane, thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum, 20% lower than copper.
2, Uniformity - The X-Y axis thermal conductivity of up to 1800 W/m-K can quickly and uniformly spread the heat energy from the point heat source to the larger heat dissipation surface, thereby increasing the effective heat dissipation area and achieving rapid heat dissipation.
3, Very light - 30% lighter than aluminum of the same size, 80% lighter than copper.
4、Easy to process - can be die-cut into different sizes, shapes and thicknesses, can provide die-cut flat plate, thickness can range from 0.04 to 0.1mm. 
5. Flexibility - Easily laminated with metal, insulation or double sided tape for added design flexibility, with adhesive backing.
6、Temperature Resistance - Can be used in temperatures up to 400ºC, the lowest can be below -40ºC. 
7, Ease of Use - Graphite heat sinks can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface.
8、Easy to operate - Synthetic graphite backlash-free coil, door width: 110mm, 120mm, 165mm. 180mm, 200mm, length: 100m. graphite materials can be laminated and laminated with metal-like materials at will. PET film lamination and die-cutting


Product Applications

1. Smartphone
2. MID mobile Internet devices.
3、Tablet, laptop
4、LED liquid crystal display, PDP plasma TV, LED lighting and backlight module
5. digital camera, digital camera, projector.

Note: Pictures of graphite rolls



The finished graphite sheet is composed of five parts: single-sided adhesive, graphite film, double-sided adhesive, protective film, and release film.
Specific reference pictures

Note: The protective film and release film are materials used in the process, which play a protective role and will be torn off by the customer when they are used.


Product Number:

1. The thickness of double-sided adhesive is commonly used: 5um, 10um, 15um, 30um, of which 30um adhesive is mainly used for battery cover graphite sheet, other motherboard or chip graphite sheet generally use 10um double-sided adhesive.
2. The common thickness of single-sided adhesive is: 5um, 10um, 15um, 30um, of which the thickness of the white matte anti-fingerprint single-sided adhesive is 30um, which is mainly used for the graphite sheet of the white battery cover, and the black battery cover generally uses 15um black matt anti-flash Single-sided fingerprint adhesive. Other motherboards and chip graphite sheets generally use 12um black matt anti-fingerprint/bright single-sided adhesive.
3. The thickness tolerance of PET single/double-sided adhesive is ±2um.
4. Artificial graphite is divided into 3 thickness specifications: T: 17um, T: 25um, T40um. Thickness tolerance ± 2um

TYGS-(017025040)TYGS-(017,025,040) series graphite film structure:


TYGS025 series graphite heat sink film(D:Single sided adhesive、S:Double sided adhesive)




Top surface of graphite film

Single-sided adhesive 10um matte/glossy film

Single-sided adhesive 10um matte film

Single-sided adhesive 30um, white matte film

Graphite film subsurface

Double-sided adhesive 10um

Double-sided adhesive 30um

Double-sided adhesive 30um



Structural diagram





1. Insulation of upper and lower surface
. 2. Soft fit
. 3. Customizable shapes
. 4. Easy to assemble and position
. 5. Withstand voltage
Single-sided rubber surface 2.0KV
Single-sided rubber surface Double-sided rubber surface 1.3KV

1. Insulation of upper and lower surface
. 2. Highly supple fit
. 3. Customizable shapes
. 4. Easy to assemble and position
. 5. Withstand voltage
Single sided rubber surface 2.5KV
Double-sided rubber surface 4.0KV

1. Insulation of upper and lower surface
. 2. Highly supple fit
. 3. Customizable shapes
. 4. Easy to assemble and position
. 5. Withstand voltage
Single sided rubber surface 4.0KV
Double-sided rubber surface 4.0KV

Work location

Motherboard, Chip Location

Black battery cover

White battery cover


Model number








Note: The above 3 kinds of models are commonly used models, other models can be customized according to customer requirements, the composite thickness tolerance ± 6um.


Wrapping structure

There are three kinds of graphite sheet wrapping: non-wrapping, single wrapping, double wrapping, refer to the following diagram.
1, non-wrap: single-sided adhesive, graphite film, double-sided adhesive edge flush, the same size.

  1. Single wrap: flush edges, same size, larger on one side than graphite film and double sided tape.

3、Double-wrapped: single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive with flush edges, same size, larger than graphite.

Performance parameters:

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