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  Suzhou Tianyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Mudu, Suzhou ancient town, Jiangsu Province. Is a professional R & D, production, and sales of a new high-tech enterprise, committed to providing professional thermal management solutions for the thermal interface of electronic industry. The company has been focusing on the R & D, optimization, innovation and pursuit of lean production of thermal conductive materials. While improving its own equipment, the company also builds its own R & D and production system through scientific and technological innovation in the field of thermal conductive materials. It also established multi-level scientific research cooperation with many universities and other scientific research institutions.
  The company has advanced manufacturing equipment, employs a number of experienced high-end technical personnel in the industry, and actively cooperates with domestic carbon research institutions. After years of material development and technology accumulation, the company has fully utilized the advantages of graphite new materials and aluminum / copper foil thermal conductivity to combine them perfectly, and constantly seeks new ideas in the heat conduction field of domestic electronic industry. At present, the company's high thermal conductivity synthetic tygs series uninterrupted coil graphite products have been widely used in smart phones, iPads, LED lighting, LCD TV, solar energy manufacturing and other industries, making the engineering links of its production and processing easier to control, greatly improve the operation time, and the yield of finished products reaches 95%. Tianyu new material technology "adheres to the quality standards and meets the needs of customers". Create value with wisdom, pay attention to product quality, and provide high-quality service for domestic and foreign high-end it customers in the process of continuous improvement and improvement of product technology.

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